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Think that one more winter won't hurt your concrete?

Think again!  It absolutely will. 

     If it wasn't important, and many times mandatory, to seal concrete, then why have concrete scientists, architects, and material engineers been sealing concrete for over 50 years?  Here's why; it is a fact, not someone's opinion, that sealing concrete protects, strengthens, and improves overall life and appearance.  The problem here is contractors and finishers have not or will not take the time to seal concrete. What you do to your concrete during the first 90 days can determine the life of the concrete.  What you do after 90 days may save it! Protect your investment now, or pay to repair it later!
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1 reason to seal concrete

Freeze-thaw disintegration:  Concrete is porous, so if water gets in and freezes it breaks off small flakes from the surface. De-icing salts make it even worse. This is typically called scaling and it can occur during the first winter and get worse over time. When severe, it can lead to complete destruction of the concrete.
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